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20 January 2019Visit to STRAWBERRY HILL HOUSE, Twickenham

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Visit to STRAWBERRY HILL HOUSE, Twickenham
Sunday 20 January 2019

A coach outing leaving the Funky Bear in Hill Village Road at 8.30am to visit Strawberry Hill House on Sunday 20th January 2019, and arriving back at approx. 7.00pm.

Strawberry Hill House is internationally famous as Britain's best example of Georgian Gothic revival architecture. It has been meticulously restored to ensure visitors enjoy the theatrical experience Horace Walpole originally intended.  The contents were sold in 1842, but from 20th October 2018 to 24th Februry 2019, many of the original contents will be returned to the house and will be displayed in their original positions in a special exhibition - LOST TREASURES OF STRAWBERRY HILL HOUSE EXHIBITION.

As we have to acquire timed entry tickets well before our visit, if you are interested in joining this outing, please contact Cliff Hubbold either by email or by telephone on 01922 279426 as soon as possible.

The cost will be £45 (subject to discounts if available) payment of which will be required on booking.  Once exhibition tickets have been purchased, refunds due to later cancellation will only be able to be considered if your place on this trip can be substituted by someone else.  There is a cafe at Strawberry Hill House where refreshments can be purchased.